What is theanfielders.com?

This site has been set up to be a collection of historical articles regarding Liverpool FC going back to the very beginning, complimented by occasional opinion pieces about what is happening on at present. The editor Steven Horton has been going to Anfield since 1978 and is a keen Liverpool FC historian having published two books, as well as contributing to numerous other websites, fanzines and newspapers.

The title of the site refers to a nickname that Liverpool FC were often called by the press in the 1890s, a term that was also used to describe Everton FC when they played there between 1884 and 1892. Theanfielders aims to put some previously unknown or long forgotten stories out about Liverpool FC, one of the most famous clubs in the world in addition to trying a different angle on the known stuff. I hope you enjoy the site and welcome any comments about the articles.

Steven Horton – October 2013.

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